Our Funders

Theater Latté Da is grateful to the following institutions and individuals that have invested in the artistic, educational, and outreach programs that further our mission. Funders are listed for the 12 months ending September 15, 2013. We hope you will consider joining them.


Institutional Funders

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.













And Support From:
The Nara Fund, Inc.
The Archie & Bertha Walker Foundation


Angel ($5,000 and up)

Jane and Ogden Confer
Carol and Kim Culp
James P. and Mary Beidler Gearen

Lisa and Dan Hoene
Bruce and Jean Johnson
Marti Morfitt and Patrick Weber

Kathleen and Paul Rothstein
David A. Wilson and Michael J. Peterman


Benefactor ($1,000 – $4,999)

Chris Andersen
Jean M. and Jim Becker
Priscilla Brewster
Shawn Bryant and Michael Grouws
Nancy and John Burbidge
Scott Cabalka
Stacy and Kate Christensen
Timothy Dordell and Kirk Ballard
David Fogel
Jean and Jim Hartman
Sandi and Jim Jensen
Matt Kiser and Chris Nichol

Greg and Cyndi Klaus
Jodee and Nick Kozlak
John Kundtz and Thomas Amon
Kathy and Allen Lenzmeier
Helen and Ben Liu
Steve Loucks
Mary and David Maas
David and Marilee Mahler
Janet Martin
Kim and David Motes
Robert and Rebecca Pohlad
Christopher Rence

Jaime A. Roman
Ken and Nina Rothchild
Lorri Steffen and Paul Zenner
Jean Storlie and Jay Harkness
John Sullivan
Jeff Turner
Bill Underwood and Chris Everett
Bill Venne and Douglas Kline
Ruth and David Waterbury
Heidi and Dave Weiler
Carol and Tom Windfeldt
Jodi and Jim Young


Patron ($250-$999)

Dorothy A. Akin
Andrew and Kelly Alberts
Libby Alberts
Mary Alberts
Nancy E. Anderson
Anonymous (2)
Jennifer and Joseph Armitage
Ward and Kathleen Armstrong
Dan Avchen and David Johnson
Colleen and Timothy Baer
Susan Baldwin
Les Bendtsen
Gary Bennett and Mike Olafson
Annemarie Bossert and Thomas Lovett
Erik Brendtro and John Sweet
Michael K. Brown
Stephen Bubul
Dick Burquist and Bob Murphy
Peter Carlson and Bradley Betlach
Craig Carnahan
Sheldon and Lili Chester
Ann and Doug Cooley
Cheryl and Glenn Craft
Gretchen and David Crary
Peggy and George Crolick
Ingrid and Chris Culp
Meg DeLapp
Annie Doughty and James Detmar

Rob Dingmann
Karla Ekdahl and Peter Hutchinson
Dan Erie
Stephen Field and Stephen Herzog
Paul Froeschl
Ray Goettl
David Griffin
Polly Grose
Margie and Tom Hebig
Daniel Hedlund and Robin Preble
Michael Hefty
Christopher Hermann
Paul Hill and Thomas Powell
Eugene Link and Ann Marie Hirsch
Joel Hoekstra and Eric Jensen
Steve Horan
Bill Huebsch and Mark Hakomaki
Patricia Johnson and Kai Bjerkness
Renato and Christine Krsnik
Catherine J. Little
Susan Lowum and Kerry Sarnowski
William and Janet MacNally
Will and Willenne Mangham
Martin Juhn and Jay Oh
Gretchen and Eric Mellies
Jens Midthun
Thomas Moore and Joan Growe
Curt D. Nelson

Barbara Norrgard
Donald Ofstedal and Jerald Lee
Sarah Oquist
Philip Oxman and Harvey Zuckman
Dr. Luis A. Pagan-Carlo
Jennifer Patti
Jim Payne
Shannon Pierce and Rachael Kroog
Emily Porter and Paul Gaulke
David Pote and Linda Tapsak
Will Prather
Karen and Don Prestly
Denise Prosek and Milton Ferris
Elizabeth Redleaf
Colleen Ryan
Patricia Ryan
Trish and Ralph Scorpio
Maggie Shea
Wendy Sommer
Ann and Tom Stanley
Mark and Wendy Stansbury-O’Donnell
Marcia and John Stout
Kevin Streeter
Rebecca Thomley
Patrick J. Troska
Paula Vesely
Jay Waldera
Kelly and John Wheaton
Barbara and Monte White


Sponsor ($1-$249)

Kristine and Tor Aasheim
Tony and Dana Abel
Tyler Aman and Andrew Maresh
Jeremy Anderson and Michelle Hayward
Matt and Amy Anderson
Natalia Andreeva
Joe Andrews and Scott Benson
Anonymous (9)
Howard Ansel
Lou Armitage
Annette Atkins
Michele and Miguel Azar
Sandra Bainbridge
Heather Bakke
Katie Baldwin Eng
Suzanne Basiago
Jan Battles
Cynthia Baxter and Bruce Huisinga
Kathleen Baxter
In honor of Mary Beidler Gearen
Barbara Bearman
Mary and Robert Beck
Catherine Bendel and Joseph Nunez
Kristin Benson and Erik Lindseth
Judith Bentley
Margo Berg
Kerry Bergen
Nona Bergh
Chelsea Berglund
Marjorie Bierbrauer
Ann M. Biggar
Amy Binning
Candace Barrett Birk and Raye Birk
Wendy Blackshaw
Jennifer Blagen
Tiffany Blofield
Beth-Ann Bloom
Rosanne Borscheid
Lynn Bowman
Peggy Brennan
Judy and Arnie Brier
Jeff Brockmann and Shane Swanson
Linda and Bob Brockmann
Angela and Jay Broeker
Molly Brown and Cameron Porter
Barb Bryan
Sheila Hickey-Burke and Timothy Burke
Mary Carlson
Cindy Carpenter and Gregg Roberts
Rozlyn and Joe Caruso
Brian Casey
Jane and Paul Cashin
Melissa Chappell and David Kirby
Dan Chouinard and John Sularz
Jeffrey Cloninger
Burton and Rusty Cohen
Jeremy and Michael Cohen-Elyanow
Kimberly Colburn and Ronald Kroese
Ruth Colby
Sheila Cole-Schmitt and Tom Schmitt
Meghan Condon
Geoffrey Conklin
Jeanne and David Cornish
Ian and Rachel Craig
Steve and Paula Crouse
Scott and Tracy Cummings
Mark Dahlberg and Robert Grones
Melissa Dalum
Thomas and Mary Darnall
Brian Dernbach
Christine and Jonathan Dettmann
Caroline Dey
Rachel and Jordan Dietrich
Dennis Dillon
Kathy Dodge and Steve Downing
Lilliya and Nicholas Donovan
Steven Grant Douglas
Amanda Downs
Melissa and Terry Downs
Janet and Kevin Duggins
Aklilu Dunlap
Selma and Ismar Dupanovic
Mark Durkop
Daniel Duty
Kathy Eagan
Cheryl Eastbourne
Charla and Jeffrey Eccles
Rick Edgcumbe
Ernest Edwards
Brad C. Eggen
David Lewis and Jan Elftmann
Robert Englund
Katie and Brent Erickson
Claudia and Tony Ernst
Becky Evans and Edward Marlin Evans
Duane Faber and Peter Couture
Yuan Fang
Patricia Spencer Faunce
Marie and Robert Feely
JoAnn Ferris
David Fey & Michael Putman
Joe Fickle
Sara and Karl Fiegenschuh
Gerald Foley
Melissa Ann Fors
Bonnie Lee and Dan Foss
Gregory A. Foster and David Benrud
Jessica Franken
Lynn Franklin
Myron Frisch and Delores Lutz
Fred and Marie Friswold
Steve Froeschl and Patrick Borowicz
Paul Frye
Cathy and Nathaniel Fuller
Nancy Fushan
Gayle C. Gaskill
Sarah E. Genz
Jennifer and Matthew George
Shehan Ghanchi
Michael and Elizabeth Mannion Gibba
Beth Gilleland
Manon Gimlett
Tom and CoCo Glass
Becky Goldstrand Hollenkamp and Brant Hollenkamp
Bruce Goodman
Lisa Goodman
Malka and Ernest Goodman
Keri and Jamey Grafing
Susan and Rick Grafton
Darolyn Gray and Carolee Lindsey
Bradley Greenwald and John Novak
Patrick Griffin
Elizabeth Griffith
Christine and Bill Griffith

Jodi Miller Gruhn and Andy Gruhn
Patricia Haarman
Virginia Haggart
Christina and Kyle Hanson
Kevin Hanstad and Randy Reinke
Norman and Marlys Harris
Melissa Hart
Jeff and Rachel Hartreeve
Margaret and Dennis Heaney
Noelle and Rian Heaslip
Alan Heider
Andrea Heilman
Joan Heimsoth
Richard Helm
Michelle Hensley
Angelita Hernandez and Wade Ziperstein
Christopher Hibma
Joan Higinbotham
Doug Hill
Joanne and Allen Hinderaker
Miranda Hirner
Stuart Holland
Mary and Jim Holland
Hannah Holman
David Holte
Jay Hornbacher
Gail and Jeff Horner
Margaret and Mark Hottinger
Justin Hovde
Rachel and Bradly Hove
Patricia Hoty
Betsy Husting
Mary Meighan, David Ingbar and Jake Ingbar
Mark and Jeanne Innerbichler
Carol Jackson
Julie Jackson
Michael Jacobs
Christina Jansa
Mark Johnson
Jean and Guy Johnson
Heather and Mickey Johnson
Cory Johnson and Paul Amann
Brad A. Johnson
Laura and Todd Johnson
Bradley Johnson
Deborah and David Johnson
Keith Jones
Paul Kaminski and Rich Bonin
Paula Karjalahti
James R. and Mary M. Kaster
Pamela and Jeremiah Kearney
Miriam Kelen
Margaret Anderson Kelliher and David Kelliher
Anjali and Gopal Khanna
Jeanette and Chuck Klauder
Tracy and Craig Knighton
Reid Knuttila
Larissa Kokernot and Karl Gajdusek
Mary Kokernot
Stan Kolden and Glyn Northington
Mary K. Kosak
Jean and Loren Kramer-Johnson
Sarita Krishnan
Benjamin Krueger
Mark Krug
Joe Kuznik
Allison La Pointe
Rebecca and Andrew Lahl
Joseph Lally
Bryan Woelfel and Kristina Lang
Terence and Loren Langan
David Larson
Rod and Jan Larson
Christopher and Lyn Larson
Terri and David Lasoff
Roz Laves
Kate and Greg Lawson
Jimmy Leduc
Pam Lesch
Sharon Lessard
Susan and Mike Lewis
Colleen Liffrig
Susan and David Lima
James Loeffler
Mary and Doug Logeland
Catherine and Bill Loye
Anne Lukaska
David Lunsford
Debbie and Tom Lyman
Doug Lyon
Katherine and Timothy Machacek
Julie and Michael Madden
Anne Mahle and David McCarthy
Michael Mandelkow
D’Arlyn Marks and Bruce M. Jones
Jennifer Marshall and Matthew Haines
Jeff Masco
Kristin and Jim Matejcek
Virginia May
Betty and Bob McGarry
Jyl and John McIntosh
Katherine McQuin and Martijn van de Ruijtenbeek
Molly McShane
Laurie and Dave Mech
Indra and AK Mehrotra
Guy Messenger
Margaret Michaelson
Kevin Miller and Robert Jardin
David Miller and Mary Dew
Jane and Jack Moran
Adam and Natasha Morris
Kate Morton-Peters and Stan Oleson
Bronson Mulleitner
Bonnie Mulligan and Charlie Greenman
Jeffrey Musch
Sara Mushlitz
Manouri Nadaraja and Michael Menege
Stan and Margaret Nelson Brinkhaus
Stephen Nelson and Peter Vitale
Todd Nelson
Marilyn C. Nevin
Jim Newstrom
Carla Noack
John O’Donnell
Dana Ogdahl
Jennifer Okerlund and Derrick Hansen
Bonnie Ostlund
Kym Otto
Carol Ottoson
Brad Palecek
Vida Palma
Annie and Chris Palmieri

Mary Jane and Bruce Pappas
Agneta Parr
Chuck and Jo Parsons
Debbie Pazlar
Dr. Ronald G. Perrier
Michelle Pett and Eric Britt
Laura Pfeiffer and Taylor Phelps
Angela, Scott and Dan Piering
John Pikala
Daniel Pinkerton and Jane Johnston
Patti Pinkerton
Kimberly Pirlet
Joseph Plut
Don Powell
James P. Quinn
Ann and Kevin Quiring
Pat and Gene Radecki
Kirk Radke
Marit Rasmusson
Doris Rausch
Linda and Stan Rein
Kimberly Reker
Kevin Reuther
Tom Rhee
Dick Rice and Rosemarie Whitehead
Audrey Riddle
John Riehle in loving memory of Mary Riehle
Laurie Roach
Michael Robins
Steve and Kris Rose
Dan Rosinski
Peter Rothstein
John Rothstein
Peggy and Bill Roush
Kevin Rozman
The Francis J. Ryan Family
Sandy Ryan
Jane Ryan Campbell
Jean Ryan
Cal and Claudia Ryan-Mosley
Luanne Saleture
Valerie & Kevin Salley
Ann and Patrick Sauer
Elaine Savick
Mark Scannell and Elaine Gaston
Jill Schafer
Nathan Schilz
Luke Schlangen
Vicki and Randy Schmeling
Dianne Schmiesing
Paul K. Schulte
Mark Schultz and Stephen Fischer
Bob and Peg Schwob
Tom Scott
Danielle Scotti and Rory Mattson
Sharon and Stephen Segal
Jacqueline Seivert
Susan and Jack Sell
Carole Senty and Richard Miller
Mary and Robert Shaffer
Ben Shank and Kate Roeder
Gale Sharpe
Tonia Shupien
Mary K. Sievers
Terri Simard and Craig Futterer
Jackie and Stephen Sinykin
Kayley Smothers
Julie Soderlund
Anthony Sofie
Deanna and James Sokolowski
Diona Sommario
Robert Sorensen
Paul, Judy and Thomas Speltz
Joseph Stanley
Gwen Stanley
Kip and Susan Steincross
James Stolz
Bartley Stratton
Marcus Strom
Amanda and Timothy Sullivan
Barbara Ann Swanson
Donna Lou Swenson
Holly Sylvester
Christine Ternand
Axel Theimer
Heather Thomas
Bob and Carol Thomas
Angie and Geoff Thompson
Ann Thompson
Kevin Thompson
Kristine and Jeff Tietz
Kristie Tigges
Marsha Travis
Mary Trevor
Andrew Troth
Lisa Tyler-Hammock and Zach Hammock
Margaret Underwood
Stephanie Untiedt in honor of Ginny Untiedt
Sara Ursin
Dawn and John Valente
William Velte
Ulrika and Ryan Vettleson
Matthew and Paul Vork
Jennifer and Michael Waldera
Mark Wanderman
Kris Warholm
Charlene Washburn
Walter Weaver
Mark Webb
Wendy and Brian Weideman
Mike Weiner
Tammie Weinfurtner
Carl Wengelewski
Lisa Weyrauch
Gary Whitford and J. Andrew Holey
Susan and Mark Widdel
Janet and Karl Wied
David and Kathy Wiemer
Lori-Anne Williams
Jim and Martha Williams
Kevin Winge and Kevin Shores
Katherine Forrester Wirth and Jeffrey Wirth
Deborah and Robert Wolk
Steve Woog
Brian Woolsey
Jean and Terry Wright
Ann Wynia
Julia M. Yager
Jane Young
Jenna Zark and Pete Budd
Peter Zenner