Nathan Brian and Jill Sandager in La Bohème. Photo by Rick Spaulding, 2007.

Donate Stock

Donating stock that has appreciated in value is a win-win move for you and Theater Latté Da. You won’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the profits, the full value of the stock can be deducted as a charitable donation, and you help Theater Latté Da further its mission.

For example, say you own $10,000 worth of stock that you originally bought for $3,000. If you sell it now, you’ll pay tax on the $7,000 profit. (If you’re in the 28 percent federal tax bracket, and qualify for the 20 percent long-term capital gains rate, you’d pay $1,400 in tax. That reduces the $10,000 to $8,600.) But if you give your $10,000 worth of unsold stocks to a charity, the IRS kindly lets you claim a tax deduction for the full $10,000. At the 28% tax bracket that works out to a $2,800 deduction.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it helps Theater Latté Da.

Instruct your broker to transfer stock to Theater Latté Da through:

Ameriprise Financial
c/o Colin Shaughnessy
7601 France Avenue South, Suite 550 Edina, MN  55435
Office: 952.857.1428
Fax: 952.837.1133

Account Name: Theater Latté Da
Account Number: 24291239
DTC Number: 0765

Questions may be directed to Colin Shaughnessy, Financial Consultant-Ameriprise Financial at, 952-857-1428.

Also, please notify Seena Hodges at when you  make a stock donation to ensure that your donation is properly credited.